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build your dream life

An intentional life

what do you mean 'intentional life'?

This carefully designed framework was made for you, a woman who feels like just can’t find the time to build the life you so desperately desire.

Have you ever found yourself at the end of the day feeling like you’ve made absolutely no progress towards something meaningful? Or that all your time is devoted to others and never for yourself?

Have you ever felt incredibly guilty for wanting to make something just for you?

This is not your fault! We as women are taught from an early age that our part in this world is to serve others, build a family and everything else is unnecessary, selfish, or even wrong!

 Here’s the truth: you are not wrong! There is nothing wrong with wanting to build something for yourself, to feel whole, to build your dream life

The Intentional Life program was created to best support you in building a life with clarity curiosity and buoyancy! With strategy and tools to put that big project into motion, have time for your family and hobbies, get things done, and start the business of your dreams. ​

take a look at an overview of the program:

Start with where you want to go

Every journey begins with a decision. Together we will define you goals and how to get there, by first getting clear on what's most important.

Improve your decision-making process

Our choices shape who we are. How about being 100% clear on all the aspects required to make the best decisions every time?

Invest time and energy in your talents

What are you really good at? What are the necessary talents or strengths to build your best life? How about aspects of your behavior?

Find what makes you get out of bed

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you? Who do you want to be? These are some of the questions we will answer together.

Balance all the pillars of your life

Make sure every aspect of your life is accounted for. This framework is designed to take care of the multiple aspects of your life.

Create an action plan that makes you shine

By taking into account what motivates you, your major goal in life, and more importantly what makes your essence shine.

got inspired?

Let's work together!

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Every journey begins with a decision. Together we will bring clarity to what you value most in life, your talents and strengths and how to express them fully and authentically, your most significant goals, and what is your manifesto in life.


To build all of this we will meet via Zoom for 60 ~ 90 minutes, once a week, for ten weeks.

As soon as you complete this purchase you will be redirected to my Calendly page to schedule our first Zoom call together.

This purchase is for one (1) live session with me, via Zoom call, at a time to be scheduled by you via the link you’ll be redirected. After our first session, you will receive an invoice for payment to the following nine sessions, valued at US$360 each and a total of US$3,240. 

*If you don’t get redirected right away don’t worry! You’ll get the link via the email you provided on the checkout. If you still have any trouble just send me a message here.

One (1) live session with me via Zoom call to evaluate your needs,
During that time we will map out your milestones and start outlining the path we will follow together.

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