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Notion Templates

Minimalistic HQ Template

This comprehensive HQ is designed for multi-passionate people who want to get things done and live with intention.


A new and minimalist approach to having everything in one place, including your active projects, daily habits, to-dos, and more.

Detailed instructions;
Tasks dashboard;
Place holder for Google Calendar; 
Goal setting dashboard;
Book log;
Course log;
References & Notes;
Daily practices & habits tracker;
Daily planner;
Travel planning & packing list;

Vision & Goals Template

Turn dreams into goals, keep track of multiple projects and focus on building your dream life and business with this template.


*Included in the “Minimalistic HQ Template”

Ever heard that a dream written down with a date next to it becomes a goal; a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan; a plan backed by action becomes your reality? Well, this template was designed with that in mind!

Detailed instructions;
Goals database;
Template for detailed description of goals + related notes and references;
Projects database;
Template to describe all the actions + related goal

Inspiration & Notes Template

One place for all the notes you take and all the web clippings, photos, and inspiration you find everywhere else. 


*Included in the “Minimalistic HQ Template”

With the power of tags, one database becomes multiple notebooks to accommodate meeting notes, journaling, weekly reflections, project planning, and more. Combine it with all the web clippings, tutorials, articles, and you have everything you need to create in one place!

Notebook database;
Filtered view for journaling, meeting notes, creative ideas and project planning;
Template button to create your custom view;
Inbox for quick notebook capture;
Inspiration Hub database;
Filtered view for reading list, currently consuming, content inspiration, blog posts;
Template button to create custom inspiration view;
Inbox for quick inspiration capture.

Your HQ Template

Want to integrate your life, business, and content creation? Then this template is for you!


This is the template to plan all areas of your life. Bringing together everything you need in one place.

Planning dashboard for goals;
Daily journal;
Weekly review;
Monthly review;
Sleep diary;
Daily habits tracker;
Knowledge hub for books and courses;
Master task list;
Focused work dashboard;
Financial tracker;
Resources dashboard.

Goal Setting Template

A place to reflect on your deepest desires in life and to make concrete plans to reach them!


Include your vision board and list everything you want to accomplish in life. Then start making concrete plans to reach them. Each goal will have its own card and detailed dashboard to get it done!

*Included in the “Your HQ Template”

Projects database;
Designated space to add your vision board;
Dreams database to capture + connect them to a goal.

Focused Work Template

A master task list reinvented to help you focus on everything you need to get done.


This is a dashboard to get things done. And with relations the possibilities are endless. Just connect this database to your goals and resource list (and any other you’d like).

*This dashboard contains one single database with multiple views.

*Included in the “Your HQ Template”

Inbox for quick capture;
Calendar to plan your month;
Template button to generate recurring tasks;
Templates for single, recurring and project tasks, each including an embedded pomodoro timer and music to focus;
Tasks for the day + next day view;
Week at-a-glance view + archived and overdue tasks.

need something custom?

Let's build it together!

By popular demand now you can hire me to help build your custom HQ in Notion!

Our goal is to beat procrastination by building a system to support you in making daily progress, setting milestones, and reaching them, organizing inputs, and maintaining focus with a review system. 


To build your custom HQ in Notion, we will meet via Zoom for 60 ~ 90 minutes, once a week, for five weeks.

As soon as you complete this purchase you will be redirected to my Calendly page to schedule our first Zoom call together.

This purchase is for one (1) live session with me, via Zoom call, at a time to be scheduled by you via the link you’ll be redirected. After our first session, you will receive an invoice for payment to the following four sessions, valued at US$100 each and a total of US$400. 

One live session with me via Zoom call to evaluate your needs,
During that time we will begin with a rough structure for your custom HQ in Notion.

are you ready to get productive?